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Welcome to GTE Concierge

Based along New Jersey’s Gold Coast, Hudson River in West New York’s, Port Imperial, GTE Health and Beauty Concierge assist all luxury waterfront residents from Jersey City to Fort Lee with trending luxe products and services, while specializing in bio-nutrition, personal training and in-home beauty services with extreme convenience. GTE concierge are passionate about the many services offered to men, women and children. Considered us your dedicated personal or corporate concierge, for all your health and beauty essentials.

Health & Beauty at Your Doorstep 

Health & Beauty Services

Here you can learn more about what GTE Health and Beauty Concierge services and products. Shaping Systems Wellness and Bio-Nutrition programs will take you to new levels with integrative technologies and fitness tracking systems. If getting off the couch, seems to be a task Sweat NJ Training and Wellness coaches will greet you at your doorstep, before each workout. Sweat NJ KIDS, gets your little ones involved with new fitness activities. While keeping up with the newest beauty trends is easy with Destination Glam Squad with outstand in-home beauty and anti-aging treatments. We promote health and happy living with convenience.


Wellness & Bio-Nutrition

woman with fruits, vegetables and tablet pcAt Shaping Systems we believe in a full Circle-Of-Wellness begins from within, benefiting you spiritually and mentally. We specialize in Bio-Individuality specific to Goals, Life Style, Blood Type and Ethnicity.  Our systems has been proven to work and easily tracked with our state-of-the-art nutrition and fitness technology.  Our licensed, Board Certified Holistic Health Coaches will design a plan to keep you accountable for total body wellness.  Shaping Systems is science and science is proven.

Disease Prevention

Blood Type Dieting

Weight Loss

Muscle Gains

Detox & Cleans

Paleo Lifestyle

Hormone Balance

Meal Delivery

Holistic Health Coach

Much More…

Personal Training & Wellness

gym woman with Sweat NJ personal trainerSweat NJ professional coaches are top-in-their-field with determination to see our member reach their goals in the most affective way possible. Our personalized approach fits our on-the-go residents busy lifestyle and is backed by our innovated fitness and nutrition technology.   At Sweat NJ we use start-of-art technology to promote physical activity, accountability to change exercise and nutritional behavior. This new innovated fitness and tracking system helps you eat healthier, get active, be engage with other sin the community while at your own pace.   Reinvent the way you look towards fitness….discover new ways to define success..

1:1 Private Sessions


Outdoor Fit Groups

Wellness Sessions

Bio-Nutrition Plan

Body Composition

Weight Training

Functional Training

Sports Fundamentals

Aquatic Fitness

Yoga & Mediation

Much More…

Sport, Fitness & Activities

 Sweat NJ KIds GymSweat N J Kids offers sports, fitness and dance classes for kids, with convenience to parents!  We’re exclusive to Hudson and Bergen counties luxury waterfront communities offering semi-private and groups sessions for children 15 months to 9 years of age.  Our classes help develop coordination, motor skills, and sport fundamentals while promoting an active healthy lifestyle! Sweat NJ Kids is a team of knowledgeable coaches who are professionals specific to their field.  We will INSPIRE your child through fitness and athletic actives.  Our Family & Friends classes will ensure that your child is ENGAGED  with others within their community. Building new friendships and strengthen existing ones. At Sweat NJ Kids, we specialize in life-changing healthy habits and REINVENT the way kids look at health, fitness and nutrition!












Birthday and Holiday Parties and more!

Beauty & Anti-aging

dollarphotoclub_58689750-1024x932Destination Glam Squad is New Jersey’s Luxe In-Home Beauty and Anti-Aging services exclusively for residents of Hudson and Bergen County. Our experienced team of rockstar beauty experts specialize in makeup, nails, sunless tanning and anti-aging treatments at convenience and privacy of your home.

Signature Services


Creative Nails

Cuts & Blowouts

Hair Extensions

Lash Extensions

Detoxifying Sunless Tans

Face & Body Contouring

Men’s Grooming

Anti-aging & Wellness Therapy Services

Botox / Fillers / Peels

Holistic Acupuncture

Rejuvenating Massage

Detox & Cleaning

Body Wraps


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Our Mission

  GTE Concierge is a parent company of Entrepreneur and Fitness Mogul, Gina Lee Trochiano owner of Gina T Enterprises and founder of our associated partners.  GTE was found in 2009  and now are proud to offer services on behalf of Shaping Systems – Wellness & Nutrition programs, Sweat NJ Residential Training & Wellness Services, Sweat NJ Kids -Sports, Dance & Activates for Kids and Destination Glam Squad– Luxe In-Home Beauty and Anti-Aging Services. As her company grow into five successful business throughout the years and one mission came clear.  This mission is to provide a service that was customized around the customer’s needs.  Our goal is to provide a high level of customer service at all times. We graciously accept any customer feedback and view it as an opportunity to improve and grow upon our scope of work.  We know our team of artist, physician, coaches and technicians are our best asset and that is why we are continuously evaluating and innovating. We are always researching new products and technology to ensure that we are offering the best service possible with ease and convenience.

Due to our wonderful and loyal customers and hardworking team GTE started rapidly growing in 2012. We now offer a wide variety of in-home and online wellness and beauty products and services. It is our goal to continue to grow and bring “unparalleled services” to even more households and residential communities in the year 2017 and all to come.


Our Partners

Shaping Systems
Wellness & Bio- Nutrition

Shaping Systems, Wellness and Bio-Nutrition programs offers carious on-line coaching, meal delivery, nutritious products and services to assist in weight loss, muscle gains disease prevention and maintenance. The core philosophy behind Shaping Systems is a science-driven approach through state-of-the-art tracking technologies for members success.  There are four key components to their blueprint of success; Blood Type, Ethnicity and Goals. Coaches are Physicians or Board Certified Holistic Health professionals who are experts in their specific field. This easy to follow program leads the path to a clearly-tailored system to keep members on track and accountable. Learn More

Sweat NJ
Training & Wellness

Reaching your fitness goals, just got convenient with Sweat NJ’s exclusive residential, training and wellness programs. This group of professionals, believes in a full Circle-Of-Health begins from within, benefiting you spiritually, mentally and physically. They inspire through the use of integrative tracking technologies and experience. They, increase community Engagement with sport-fundamental training and semi-private sessions. And they will Reinvent the way you look and feel. Programs are completely customizable, and offers member flexibility.  With a ten-pack, you can use any one of it sessions toward weight and functional training, aquatics, mediation, nutrition or body composition-analyst. Learn More

Sweat NJ Kids
Sports, Fitness & Dance

Sweat NJ Kids offers sports, fitness and dance classes for kids, with convenience to parents!  We’re exclusive to Hudson and Bergen counties luxury waterfront communities offering semi-private and groups sessions for children 15 months to 9 years of age.  Our classes help develop coordination, motor skills, and sport fundamentals while promoting an active healthy lifestyle! Learn More

Destination Glam Squad
Beauty & Anti-aging

Destination Glam Squad offers, luxe in-home beauty and anti-aging services. The DGS team of experts are dedicated physicians, professionals and celebrity artist specializing in Makeup, Tanning, Contouring and Nails. Monthly memberships are offered in three levels and appointments are made on-line, in three simple steps. Our hand-selected, elite beauty professionals and anti-aging specialist, can create any look you desire and arrive fully equipped with tools and products. Learn More

Health & Beauty at Your Doorstep 


Personal Membership Let's Talk  Corporate Services

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